Boarding Drop Off Form

  • **In an emergency situation, if you are not able to be reached at either of these two phone numbers, you authorize our veterinarians to provide any necessary medical treatment for the wellbeing of your pet(s) and you agree to be responsible for all charges related to that treatment.
    (If bathed on the day they are going home, please pickup after 3pm)
  • Boarding Extras (15 minutes each)

  • All patients must be up to date on vaccinations and a copy of records must be present before boarding. Bordetella is required at Rocky Hill Animal Hospital every 6 MONTHS. I am aware my dog is still at a low risk of contracting the Bordetella virus due to mutations and strains not covered by the current vaccination. Client is responsible for getting previous vaccination records to Rocky Hill Animal Hospital before bringing a pet for boarding, grooming, etc. If records are not up to date and received by drop off, vaccines will be given while your pet is here. In addition, any animal found having fleas or evidence of a flea infestation will be given Capstar—a safe, proven flea control medication—to protect our clinic and other patrons for the cost of $6.00 (under 25lbs) or $7.50 (over 25lbs)