Dental health for your pet is very important for their overall health and wellness. If your pet has large amounts of plaque and tartar building up it can lead to other health issues. Dental disease can affect their heart, kidneys, liver and the entire body through contact in the bloodstream.

Dental disease can go undetected since most dogs and cats won’t let you check their mouth and gums thoroughly. Here are some of the main signs of dental disease:

  • Bad breath
  • Yellowish-Brown plaque along the teeth and gum line
  • Red, swollen, or bleeding along the gum line
  • Decrease appetite, pain, or difficulty eating
  • Loose teeth

Our dentals are performed just like any other surgery in our clinic located in Knoxville. A doctor and technician use general anesthesia to perform the procedure and closely monitor their vital signs during the dental cleaning. Our dentals include ultra-sonic scale and polish along with probing each tooth for issues below the gumline.  If needed the doctor may perform extractions of infected or loose teeth.
Pets can also develop tartar build up at any age and some breeds are more prone to issues and need regularly scheduled dental cleanings. We can check your pet’s teeth on their next annual exam or visit.

Call us today at (865) 691-8826 today to schedule your pet’s next visit and to discuss their overall dental health.